Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SHA(me) Rukh Khan

What else can you call this highly successful artist who has behaved so irresponsibly when faced with delivering a very important public interest message?

This is a man who is idolised by thousands of young men around the globe because they identify with him in one way or another.

All he was requested to do was to avoid smoking cigarettes in advertisements and in public places in order not to give the wrong message to thousands of impressionable young minds.

All he had to do was to say "Right ! smoking is bad for you and I will try to reduce the amount of public smoking that I do"

But what he said amounted to the fact that he could not care less about what kind of message he might be giving young people as long there was a statutory health warning (which nobody reads anyway).

SHA (ME) RUKH KHAN indeed.

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rajesh said...

SHA (ME) RUKH KHAN indeed.